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Mosaic Fower Tiles


We're a small indie biz on a mission to deliver the best giftware! We care how our stock is made and aim to provide you quality items that have been sustainably sourced.


We most like working with suppliers who don't use plastic packaging, and a good chunk of our business works on a print-on-demand model, cutting down on waste.


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~The Postal Bulletin~

We are not currently aware of any disruption to domestic shipping services. However, as we move into holiday season, it is wise to factor in possible delays. To find out more about how we handle shipping, please click the link below to be taken to the relevant section of the Terms of Service.


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Mosaic Fower Tiles


Message Sent

For physical letters or returns, please send us a note via this form to confirm where you'll need to send it, as the appropriate address will vary.

Mosaic Fower Tiles
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