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A flameless and smoke-free way to fragrance your room or office: just add some water and a favourite essential or fragrance oil for an instant aroma experience. The diffusers are easy to operate and maintain and only occasionally have to be filled with a small amount of water and a few drops of scented oil. Quiet motor and can be used as a simple humidifier if you don't want to add scent.


The "Ibiza" atomiser — infinity lights


✶ Tank Capacity 100ml

✶ LED light (7 settings)

✶ USB powered (length of cord: 100cm)

✶ Auto power off when water runs out

✶ Timer: 3–6h

✶ Height: 23.5cm,

✶ Diameter: 12.5cm,

✶ Weight: ~500g

✶ Material: Plastic




The "Oslo" atomiser uses ultrasonic waves to vaporise a water and essential-oil mix in its tank to produce a cool, fragrant mist. (Please note this is plastic made to look like pinewood :))


✶ LED light (7 settings)

✶ USB powered (length of the cord: 100cm)

✶ Auto power-off when water runs out

✶ Timer: 3–6h

✶ Capacity: 400ml

✶ Height: 9.5cm

✶ Diameter: 13.5cm

✶ Weight: ~330g



Colour-Changing USB-Powered Humidifying Atomisers

PriceFrom £30.00
  • plastic
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