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Monochrome Wall Hangings/Throws


These bedspreads/wall-hangings are real works of art! Full of symbolic meanings taken from ancient traditions, we have three designs to choose from. These are all hand-printed, which will incur minor imperfections, by the way -- do not confuse with cheap mass-produced machine-printed items!


This selection is entirely monochrome (black and white), great quality, beautifully designed and brilliant value for money. Each comes packaged with a small photocard of the product, a barcode and description. Please note that measurements will vary a little here and there.


Material: 100% Cotton

Proudly made in India


"Lotus Flower" (BWCB-05): Height 230 cm | Length 200 cm | Barcode 5056368304156


"Rose Skull" (BWCB-06): Height 230 cm | Length 200 cm | Barcode



"Ying Yang" (BWCB-07): Height 230 cm | Length 200 cm | Barcode 5056368304156

Monochrome Wall Hangings/Throws


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