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Petrification occurs when the woody stems of plants are buried, for millennia, in wet sediments saturated with dissolved minerals. Crucially, a lack of oxygen slows down microbes that would normally decay the wood, allowing minerals (mostly silica in the form of quartz or opal), to slowly replace cell walls and to fill void spaces, resulting in a 3D representation of the original; around 90% of the original organic material is eventually lost to time. Some 40 minerals have been identified in petrified wood so far, iron, calcium, and aluminum being among the most common.


These pieces have been hand-carved to retain a delightful rustic texture. Naturally beautiful, they should complement many interior styles -- they certainly ought not to go unnoticed! 


N.B. Each piece is unique, with variations and cracks created in the process of petrification -- colour and shape will differ from our example photographs.



Petrified Wood Candle Holders (for 1, 2 or 3 tealights)

PriceFrom £21.43
  • Petrified wood (stone)
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