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Glass + Brass Jewellery-Box Terrariums (6 styles)

Glass + Brass Jewellery-Box Terrariums (6 styles)

PriceFrom £16.43


Trinket box? Fairylight bottle? Art-piece protector? Jewellery organiser? Sweet jar? Plant display?


Designed to delight with glass panels and sturdy brass frames. Securely boxed and sold empty. *SIZES MAY VARY SLIGHTLY*


Enneahedron/Small Diamond (GTer-01)

Dimensions: Length 10cm | Width 10cm | Height 14.5cm


Hendecahedron/Sillhouette: Irregular Pentagon (GTer-02)

Dimensions: Length 14cm | Width 14cm | Height 20cm


Lantern (GTer-03)

Dimensions: Length 9.5cm | Width 9.5cm | Height 20cm


Large Diamond (GTer-04)

Dimensions: Length 22cm | Width 20cm | Height ~18cm

Weight: ~2kg

N.B. This will be sent to you via courier as it exceeds regular "small parcel" dimensions!


Dodecahedron/tessalating 5-gons (GTer-05)

Dimensions: Length 15cm | Width 15cm | Height 13.5cm

Weight: ~1kg


Shape: Cube-on-Corner (GTer-06)

Dimensions: Length 10.5cm | Width 10.5 | Height 10.5cm

  • Materials/Ingredients

    Glass, Brass
  • Dimensions

    10x10x14.5 (cm), 1.45L, 0.145Kg/L
  • Net Weight (kg)

  • Country of Origin

  • Barcode

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